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Love it or hate it, it’s funny if you’re not the joke

RollonFriday’s relentless style took an amusing twist today, with a follow up to last week’s Firm of the Year top 100 thing; namely the ‘Golden Turd’ awards.

RollonFriday’s relentless style took an amusing twist today, with a follow up to last week’s Firm of the Year top 100 thing; namely the ‘Golden Turd’ awards.

As you can see ROF is a haven for the driest of wit and those who revel in the pain of others. ROF’s value as a trade press vehicle has to be  seriously questioned, because of the fact that it makes a complete mockery of the sector which presumably provides it with an income.

It is probably true that there is no need and prescious little revenue available for another legal sector trade magazine that covers issues and ‘worthy’ subjects and as such, the vacancy for a publication which engages in outright character assasination needed filling by this lot.

It’s not a little ironic though that the survey which yeilded this tribute to gilded faeces was actually rather thorough and hints at the fact that ROF wants to be taken seriously.

Therefore, I raise a glass to them for having the guts to publish a quote from an unnamed source saying ‘Eversheds is a cross between a call centre and an abattoir’.

It’s all very very funny.

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