Dear Stephen Fry, have you got a features list for QI?

should we all be asking Stephen Fry if he’s got next season’s QI features list ready yet?

It may be difficult to find out the truth about this one, but repeated mentions of Halifax Travel Insurance on last weekend’s expisode of QI XL, could indicate a fascinating new untapped media outlet for corporate PRs! – time index 07:10 if it doesn’t take you there itself…

In truth, the repetition was caused by repeated interruptions from the audience, but I suspect there weren’t any complaints from those in Halifax’s PR department!

Given the extent of state owernship in the combined HBOS/Lloyd’s Banking Group these days, perhaps it’s a safe bet that other BBC shows will be mentioning carefully placed PR titibits from Northern Rock, Natwest or RBS, and should we all be asking Stephen Fry if he’s got next season’s QI features list ready yet?

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