Car Insurance: Driver Lifestyle & Mileage Is The Future, Says Kasko2go


Depending on age or nationality, some people pay up to 95% more for car insurance. That’s a hefty price premoum, so Swiss company kasko2go and its partner Dextra Versicherungen AG are now launching a modern and fairer solution that enables all drivers to save up to 50% on conventional premiums – based on individual driving behaviour and actual mileage. The car insurance app uses artificial intelligence and mobile telematics technology to perform an individual risk assessment, rewarding responsible and safe drivers.

The Zug-based startup has set out to revolutionize the insurance industry. kasko2go aims to promote a safe driving culture in society with innovative technical solutions, to ensure greater justice and at the same time reduce excessive premiums.

Why has individual driving behaviour not yet had any influence on the calculation of the premium? The founders of kasko2go asked themselves this question years ago and developed a solution together with scientists and engineers that does just that. After several years of preparation, kasko2go also wants to conquer the Swiss market and has entered into a long-term partnership with Dextra Versicherungen AG. The free Swiss app is now available on all common platforms (Android/iOS). It is easy to use: download the app, enter data, select a rate, register your car, drive away and save. Payment is made monthly, and for safe driving there will be a refund.

Greater justice: Albanians pay up to 95% more today

In Switzerland, certain groups of people automatically pay more for their car insurance because of their nationality or age, regardless of their individual driving behaviour. According to a study by, Albanian citizens, for example, pay up to 95% higher premiums than Swiss citizens for the same insurance, depending on the provider.

“Safe and considerate drivers should be rewarded with lower premiums, regardless of their nationality and age. But how can they be reliably identified? Thanks to AI technologies and telematics data, it is now possible to continuously monitor and evaluate the driving style of each individual,” explains kasko2go CEO Genadi Man. “After several years of preparation, I am happy to offer our fair approach to all customers in Switzerland.”

Greater road safety

More than 56,000 accidents, over 20,000 injuries and 230 deaths. This is the sad result of the Swiss accident data compiled by the Federal Roads Office ASTRA. According to ASTRA, the main cause of accidents is the behaviour of the driver, such as speeding or failing to pay attention at the wheel. The kasko2go app calculates the car insurance premium according to the individual driving style and thus provides an incentive for safe driving. Safe, energy-efficient driving and compliance with the rules are rewarded with optimum protection and a low and fair premium. People can save money, improve safety on Swiss roads and relieve the burden on the environment – a win-win situation for everyone involved.

About Dextra Versicherungen AG

Dextra Versicherungen AG, headquartered in Zurich, is a young and innovative Swiss insurer. Founded in 2016 by the Kassensturz test winner Dextra Rechtschutz AG, it has been selling car insurance in Switzerland since 1 January 2018. Numerous tests and product analyses (e.g. Saldo, Comparis, SIQT) are testimony to the comprehensive protection and excellent customer service of Dextra Versicherungen AG. For further information about Dextra Versicherungen AG or Dextra Rechtschutz AG please visit the website (

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