Test Drive Sir? Yeah, I’ll Just Take This Audi to Halifax – Back Soon

Solo test drives in new cars could prove to be a headache for insurers and car dealerships alike. The temptation to simply drive off to nearby industrial unit in a brand new Range Rover must be strong for many pro thieves.

As well as thorough ID checks, and taking photos when potential buyers arrive at the dealership, one other way to thwart thieves is to use a Tracker device on that prestige car. Here’s some news from Tracker UK;

Vehicle dealerships beginning to reopen are faced with a vastly different reality from the one on which they closed their doors ten weeks ago. Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and technology expert, Tracker, is helping dealers comply with new rules to protect themselves and the public, whilst crucially protecting stock.

Car thefts have increased 52% in the past six years, and more than half of those without tracking devices in place are never recovered. Even with customer checks in place, unaccompanied test drives pose an increased risk unless vehicles are effectively protected.

To help dealers mitigate this risk of unaccompanied test drives, Tracker’s range of self-install devices enable dealers to see where vehicles are during the test drive, can alert dealers if they go outside a specified area, and  can help police locate and recover vehicles in the event they are stolen. There are a range of devices available, to suit specific dealer requirements, all of which can be installed quickly, without any technical knowledge, and be moved between cars. To further support dealers in this challenging market, upfront device costs are low, and the subscription is free for the first six months.

Mark Rose, Managing Director of Tracker said: “The automotive industry is working through a challenge bigger than it has faced in decades, and no one knows for sure how long it will be before it fully recovers.  In such difficult times, the industry must work together to support each other. As such, we have launched our self-installed tracking devices with simple subscription terms including a free initial six-month subscription, so that dealers can protect stock on forecourts of any size, as soon as possible.

“The new rules that have allowed dealerships to reopen are necessary to help all dealers operate safely, protecting all employees and customers from the risk of infection. The restrictions and requirements are a new challenge for any dealer to implement and enforce, and they do not need the added worry of potential loss of stock through unaccompanied test drives. As the industry works to get stock and cash moving once again, Tracker is helping to provide peace of mind that vehicle theft will not cause further loss of profits than have been seen due to the nationwide lockdown.”

Tracker’s devices, geared to facilitating unaccompanied test drives, all provide vehicle tracking, can enable the police to locate and recover a stolen vehicle quickly, and  can be hidden discretely within the car prior to each test drive or left in the vehicle permanently for added protection.

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