Belgian Insurer Offers Incentives For EV Buyers

Belgian insurer AG is offering a range of incentives to electric car owners, including extra benefits, discounted home charger installation and a unique lithium battery fire risk feature bolted-onto Home cover policies. Here’s the press info;Fom January 2022, buyers of electric vehicles will be able to take out their car insurance with AG with an incentive rate and a number of specific guarantees and benefits. In addition, AG also offers its customers a range of services that meet the main concerns of those who want to purchase an electric or hybrid car:

  • easy access to one of the largest networks of public charging stations in Europe via Optimile,
  • the installation and inspection of its own smart charging station by subsidiary SoSimply,
  • fast charging of a dead battery for customers who run out of power on their way to their destination.
A new Jaguar i-Pace can 100,000 euros new in Belgium, so yep, you need cheaper insurance.

Insurance guarantees extended

Many customers are concerned about the risks of fire from an electric vehicle and a home charging station. AG has adapted or clarified its home and car insurance policies in these respects for optimal protection. For example, charging points at home, just like home batteries and solar panels, are now covered as standard in the home insurance and a fee has been added to the omnium insurance for safety measures to prevent fire or limit its consequences.

Consider, for example, the costs of extinguishing an electric vehicle via a “submersible container”, where the car is immersed in a container filled with water. The costs for such an operation can quickly reach up to 2,000 EUR and more. (Really? Hard to believe you could submerge a car for a mere 2000 euros, wouldn’t it involve a hydraulic platform 5 tonne lift, specially built container, contaminated water disposal, safety barriers, potential road closures etc? Try 25,000 euros. – Ed)A common fear among customers is also that they would run out of power on their way to their destination, without a public charging station nearby. That is why AG’s assistance partner in Belgium has started equipping its mobile teams with so-called EV boosters. With these “fast chargers”, an empty battery can be charged sufficiently in a few minutes so that the customer is quickly mobile again and can continue to drive to home or to the nearest charging station and avoid having to hoist the car.

VW’s robot chargers offer a flexible solution, so small businesses can offer a rapid charge in their parking area.

Simple and easy public charging

Another point of attention for many Belgians is undoubtedly the limited and complex access to public charging stations. It is known that the public network in Belgium still needs to be greatly expanded. What is less known is that most of these charging stations cannot be paid by bank or credit card and that each network at each charging point can freely determine the price per kWh. After all, there is no maximum price for electric charging such as for petrol or diesel.

That is why AG is offering new customers* with an electric or hybrid vehicle the Mobiflow app and charging card with a charging credit of 25 EUR until the end of June* This universal charge card, without subscription fee, is linked to the bank or credit card and offers access to almost 95% of all public charging points in Belgium and even up to 135,000 charging points throughout Europe.

The app also indicates where charging stations are located nearby, how much a charge costs and – depending on the type of charging station – how long it will take. This makes Mobiflow one of the first applications in Belgium to introduce price transparency at charging stations.Mobiflow is an application developed by Optimile, a Ghent-based IT company specialized in mobility software in which AG – together with BNP Paribas Fortis and Touring – is a shareholder.

Installing a charging station at home

As electric vehicles become more and more popular, more and more customers are also considering the installation of a home charging station. After all, it is safer than a socket and charging is faster. In addition, charging with a home charging station is cheaper than with a public pole and the placement is fiscally encouraged by the government.

Nevertheless, here too, many customers remain with questions and uncertainties. Which type of charging station is the best solution in my case? And can I place it in my home? Does my electrical installation need to be adjusted? What will that cost? And where can I find a solid installer? In this respect, AG’s subsidiary SoSimply has a very wide network of professionals and offers the certainty of high-quality analysis and installation at correct prices. A charging point can be installed from 1,800 EUR + VAT.

AG promotes SoSimply’s offerings through various channels to its customers and partners.

AG InsuranceEdwin Klaps, Managing Director Broker Channel & Non-Life:“As an important market player that enjoys the trust of 3 million customers, we want to play an active role in major social evolutions and challenges. The transition to soft and sustainable mobility is certainly one of them. From this motive, we saw the need for a wide range of guarantees and services around the electric car: from charging to damage, and therefore including charging solutions and services in the case of, for example, a flat battery. The ultimate goal, together with quality partners, is to reassure our customers and make their lives easier, so that they can carry out the transition to an electric vehicle in peace of mind.”

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