Hey Biz Owners: This Free Tool Checks Your Carbon Usage

Compliance really is a morale sapper isn’t it? The dull, grinding chore that eats into your business day, but has to be done. It makes doing the annual accounts seem exciting by comparison. But one new twist in your company accounts is ESG reporting. In short, it’s yet more compliance and from now on, unless you have a really small biz, you need to state how sustainable your business is, and how you intend to meet Year Zer- sorry, Net Zero targets. 

So this is a handy tool we think. It checks your carbon footprint easy-peasy, so you can tick those boxes quicker and get on with the real work. Or organise a series of motorcycle ride-outs as a team-building thing. Whatever. Best of all it’s free, so this carbon calculator tool is something brokers can bolt onto their Business Insurance policies or apps as an extra bonus feature.

Here’s the word from Normative;

Normative has launched a carbon calculator, developed with support from Google.org and available for free through the SME Climate Hub. The calculator helps SMEs measure their emissions and identify emission hot spots, establishing a baseline towards halving emissions before 2030 and reaching net-zero by 2050. The tool will enable SMEs to build more sustainable and competitive businesses that are resilient for the long term, and help meet global climate targets.

SMEs make up 90% of business globally. Many of these companies play inter-connected roles in the creation of the products and services of large corporations. Corporate value chain emissions – also referred to as Scope 3 emissions – can account for up to 90% of a business’ emissions, and these value chains often consist of SMEs.

However, many of these small businesses do not have the resources to measure and manage their emissions accurately. In a recent survey by the SME Climate Hub, 63% of respondents said they did not feel they have the right skills to take the most robust climate action.

The Business Carbon Calculator enables SMEs to measure their carbon footprints and identify emission hotspots. Businesses input easily accessible data – such as the size of their facilities or their spend on electricity, heating, and petrol – into a quick, simple-to-use form. The resulting footprint information establishes a baseline from which to take action through the suite of tools and incentives on the SME Climate Hub.

The Business Carbon Calculator was developed with support from a team of 12 Google.org Fellows, comprising software engineers, UX designers, and product managers, who supported Normative full-time pro bono for six months. The tool is an extension of the Industry CO² Insights tool launched by Normative and the SME Climate Hub in November at COP26. Normative is taking the next step in engaging value chains by enabling SMEs to calculate their carbon footprint and identify emission reduction areas.


Small businesses that choose to invest in reducing their emissions can see numerous short and long term business advantages, including increased efficiency and reduced operating costs, branding benefits, reduced business risk, legislative compliance and improved access to capital.

“Businesses of all sizes are increasingly recognising that being kind to the planet is essential for business success. But for small and medium sized businesses, identifying where emissions come from – and how to reduce them – can come with unique challenges. Normative’s work to solve this with their new, free carbon calculator specifically designed for SMEs is exciting – and we’re proud to be working with them,” says Matt Brittin, President of Google EMEA operations.

Normative developed the Business Carbon Calculator after being selected for a Google.org Fellowship and a €1m grant to help achieve the companies’ joint objective of developing exponential technology to empower businesses to tackle climate change.

“Small businesses have a substantial opportunity to build more resilient business foundations through climate action,” said María Mendiluce, CEO of the We Mean Business Coalition, a founding partner of the SME Climate Hub. “It’s imperative businesses of all sizes are provided with the tools necessary to prioritize emissions reduction. We are proud the SME Climate Hub can help bridge this resource gap through tools like the Normative Business Carbon Calculator.”


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