Happy 30th Birthday to Reactions

Congratulations to Reactions which this month is celebrating its 30th birthday.

The staff of the magazine have produced a special anniversary issue and have gone to town on lists that cover the good, bad and the ugly of the (re)insurance industry between 1981 and 2011.

Needless to say the insurance industry and world in which it operated in were very, very different in 1981 to today.

‘The Biggest Events’, ‘The Most Influential People’ and the magazine’s ’30 Best Covers’ it must be a journalistic trait because I love lists like these (a bit like one of Nick Hornby’s geekier characters). They are good fun to compile and read, but also prompt some healthy debate and retrospection on the events that have shaped the world and the people at the heart of them.

There are the thoughts of industry big hitters such as Hank Greenberg, Bill Berkley, Brian Duperreault and Grahame Chilton on subjects including the lessons of the last 30 years and the rise of the big three brokers.

Meanwhile Garry Booth’s reflections on almost 30 years of reporting on the (re)insurance industry serve to remind us that the media has also changed out of all recognition since 1981. I mean, what’s a typewriter?

So, once again congratulations to Reactions on reaching the big 3-0 and congratulations to the staff there for such an entertaining and interesting issue to mark it with.

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