Can Pre-Fabs Solve the Modern Housing Crisis? Bauhu Says Yes

The innovative modular construction firm, Bauhu has given the traditional ‘granny flat’ a modern 21st century makeover with the introduction of a new range of portable, modular homes that offer comfortable living with a range of thoughtful, useful and user-friendly features. The company believes that these prefabricated homes could address the unique accommodation challenges faced across the country as the Baby Boomer generation edges closer to retirement.

Bauhu’s collection of pod-style homes are designed to transform unused garden space or privately owned land into self-contained, environmentally-friendly accommodations. The pods enable older generations to continue to live independently while simultaneously benefiting from the convenience of being close to family members who can offer the necessary support, assistance and companionship to boost overall quality of life as Baby Boomers come of age.

Each modular pod design has been created to meet the needs of families wishing to minimise the high costs associated with care, and facilitate more informal, personalised care options for loved ones. Built with quality, longevity, and sustainability in mind, the pods can be installed quickly and resold in the future if desired. Several leasing options are also available.

“The problem with the classic granny flat is that homeowners continue to pay for upkeep and maintenance of the building even if it’s not being used,” says Bauhu Founder, Paul Brown. “There is a gap between what’s needed to facilitate safe, comfortable living, and what’s ready and available to use.

“We’ve developed a range of cost-effective, portable and 100% recyclable accommodations that offer permanent living solutions in transportable, modular structures. This makes it easier for older generations to maintain their independence and retain close relationships with family.”

The Baby Boomer generation — considered to be those born between 1946 and 1964 —  grew up during a period of greater affluence compared to previous generations. Baby Boomers were more active, more physically fit, more independent, and more committed to change; aspects that are expected to render facilities such as care homes largely obsolete in the near future.


Many home insurers don’t seem that keen on pre-fab buildings, regarding them as less sturdy than traditional brick-built houses and more prone to break-ins perhaps. However, one company who does specialise in covering pre-fabs is Adrian Flux. They offer discounts for those who fit extra security devices and will consider self-build projects, particularly those that have a green or recycled aspect to the construction and energy consumption. More info here. 

There is definitely an increased demand for alternative housing solutions for older people who wish to remain in the home, rather than seek formal care, or live in a traditional retirement village/apartment complex.

Prefabricated, modular homes deliver a cost-effective and convenient solution to this unique Baby Boomer challenge, combining the flexibility of independent living with the support of nearby assistance, helping to minimise costs and revolutionise the existing care industry.

For more information about Bauhu’s Smart Care Pod, visit:

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