Do You Need to Declare Broken Bones to Your Travel Insurance Company?

It’s a good question, and to be honest we really didn’t know the answer. So it’s handy that Medical Travel Compared has sent us this press release, just in time for the six week summer holiday season.

Brits across the UK will be starting to count down the days to their summer holidays, but what they might not have realised, is that if you have suffered a broken bone in the last two years which resulted in hospital treatment, they may not be covered by their medical travel insurance.

When do travellers need to declare broken bones:

If you have been prescribed medication, received treatment or attended a medical practitioner’s surgery

If you have attended a hospital or clinic as an outpatient or in-patient

If there were any complications (infections, nerve or blood vessel damage due to surgery, or DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and the above was applicable to you, then the condition should also be declared. DVT would be classed as a circulatory condition, which should always be declared.

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With 79% of British travellers incorrectly identifying what they need to disclose when purchasing medical travel insurance, travel insurance comparison site Medical Travel Compared are urging holidaymakers to ensure they are correctly covered should anything happen when they’re abroad. With a specialist panel of over 40 insurance providers, Medical Travel Compared ask customers a series of questions relating to their health to determine whether they need to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions as part of a quote application. These medical history questions are representative of those asked by the wider travel insurance market.

Bones can break from any number of reasons including trauma where there was a large force or injury, for example by a car, motorcycle, sporting accidents and falls from heights. Injury can also cause bones to break if they have been weakened by disease such as cancer, tumours, bone cysts or osteoporosis. Sometimes, repetitive overuse of the leg such as movements in distance running can result in a stress fracture. It’s important to know what to declare when purchasing.

If you suffer from bones which have been weakened by disease, the main condition must be declared where any of the quote questions are answered yes and the broken bone will then have to be declared separately. Travellers with broken bones should consider if their cast is approved by their airline and if the mobility aids are protected under the baggage cover.


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  1. my insurance company said if i needed to have surgury on my broken arm my insurance would be this correct

    • Really depends on the terms and conditions, particularly exclusions, within your policy.

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