Brexit: You May Need that Vintage `GB’ Car Sticker After All

It is just possible that the UK may leave the EU late October, although Insurance Edge believes it’s far more likely that we will never leave the regulatory orbit of Brussels. Too much money at stake, so chill like Dave Cameron everyone.

However, the government and the RAC offer this timely reminder to anyone visiting their second home, or driving within the EU zone on business this Autumn;

Following the advice issued to UK drivers that states those travelling to the Republic of Ireland, and elsewhere in the EU, after Brexit must ensure their cars display a separate GB sticker, RAC spokesperson Simon Williams said:

“We are concerned many drivers who regularly travel to Europe could easily be caught out after Brexit if they continue to rely on their number plates having the letters ‘GB’ on a blue background.


“While it might seem ridiculous that this will no longer be enough to let authorities know a vehicle is registered in the UK, the latest advice from the Government says that anyone travelling to an EU country, including the Republic of Ireland, must display a separate white oval GB sticker on the rear of their vehicle.”

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