Van Insurance: Offers Tips on Bringing Your Premiums Down

With van claims previously increasing up to 19% annually, what can van owners be investing in in order to protect their property? have created a handy guide which details the additional steps of security we can take to benefit our insurance and for peace of mind.

From Thatcham-approved locks to darkening your windows, here are the key takeaways from the guide:

Lock it, set the alarm and park in well lit areas at night – your basics sorted right there.


Fit a partition between the passenger seating area and the back – this stops passing thieves from getting an easy peek into the tool or other valuables in the back of the van. If there are rear windows, then make sure they are darkened, so it is hard to peer inside the back.

Van branding and signage – do you need to let everyone know that you supply power tools or garden accessories? If not, then stick to traditional white panels and blend in matey.

Internal lock box – get the fave drill, bits, chargers etc hidden away in a steel box.

Satellite tracking – most stolen vehicles with a tracker fitted have a decent chance of being traced during that two or three days when thieves park up and wait for the old Bill to arrive.

Insurance Edge would also add fit a dashcam, front and rear, with motion sensors – that way you can watch on your phone app as would-be robbers try door handles, or force a side door. Some cameras record sound too, which is all useful eveidence when thieves are dressed in their standard uniform of black hoodie with matching trackies. An accent, or names being used, can make all the difference when it comes to getting them nicked.


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