Bewica Launches New Cyber Security Portal for Brokers

Cyber MGA Bewica has launched a cyber security portal with practical tools and training to help SMEs assess and mitigate against the risks they face. The portal is available as a free risk management tool for Bewica’s brokers to offer to their customers and can be white labelled with the broker’s brand.

Brokers can also use the tool to assess their own cyber security for free. Sign-up to the broker portal which includes this feature takes less than two minutes. Bewica’s portal assesses customers’ susceptibility to the top cyber risks faced by SMEs including phishing attacks, password interception and website attacks and provides advice and training to reduce the risks.

Uniquely, the portal allows customers to assess the cyber security of all their third-party suppliers. It will also monitor for breaches on the dark web and provide real time breach alerts to business managers. Realistic email phishing simulation training is available to all members of staff.

Customers with better cyber security receive a discount on Bewica’s cyber insurance policies. Bewica CEO Eva Berg-Winters says: “We believe this is the most sophisticated cyber risk management tool available to SMEs, who are unlikely to have an IT specialist in house.”

“It will help our brokers to stand out against the competition by giving their customers an expert assessment of the most common vulnerabilities that hackers might use against their business and provide guidance to improve their security.”

According to the government’s latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey, around a third of medium and large businesses have cyber insurance. However, the total number of businesses with a cyber policy is 11%, indicating that many small businesses are not insured.

Berg-Winters added: “One-in-three small and mid-sized businesses experience a cyber attack or breach every year. This makes it a more likely risk than many of the traditional perils that brokers help customers to protect against.”

“However, we know that many brokers find it more challenging to talk about cyber security than for instance building security. Our portal is designed to give brokers and their customers confidence and jargon-free useful information to help them avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime.”

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