Got a £25 Refund From Admiral? Ideas on How To Spend That Swag

Last week (Tuesday 21st April 2020) Admiral announced that they will be giving their customers a £25 refund due to limited to no use of their motor vehicle over the lockdown period.

For those who receive the refund – Elie Fakhoury, the Managing Director of personalised number plates provider offers his top five tips on how best drivers can spend the £25 to improve different aspects of their vehicle in a cost-effective way:

1) Headlights Restoration Kit – Most cars/vans headlight covers are made from polycarbonate plastic, which often oxidizes due to air pollution and airborne grit. To thoroughly clean them, a headlights restoration kit (usually up to £20) might prove to be a worthwhile investment.

fiat 500 hub caps

2) Hub Caps – If you have an older car/van and want to make it look stylish in a cost-effective manner, then look no further than hub caps. There are so many designs to choose from and they cost as little as £15 for a set of four.

3) Dash Cam – A dash cam records sounds and images when an individual is driving. It can be particularly useful in the unfortunate case of an accident, where the footage can be used as evidence to settle any insurance disputes and claims. With some dash cams costing as little as £25, it’s a no-brainer. (Yes, we like this one better than hub caps – Ed)

4) Car Mats – Car mats are very important as they protect the floor of a vehicle and add a stylish element. Despite this, many drivers have dirty and worn out car mats after years of neglect. With high-quality car mats costing no more than £25 (with customized logos and embroidery included), it just might just be the perfect time for an upgrade. (Already working on our Insurance Edge logo branded mats, mugs, phone cases and whatever else Vistaprint has in stock – Entreprenuerial Ed)

red car mats merc

5) Wind Deflectors – Being in the rainy UK, wind deflectors could be the perfect addition to your motor vehicle. Primarily, wind deflectors prevent rain from getting into a vehicle when the windows are open ( Honestly never knew that, just thought they looked cool on my Vauxhall Cavalier SRi – Petrolhead Ed) but are also easy to fit, sleek in design and reduce drag. Depending on your car model, they will likely cost just above or below the £25 mark.

Elie Fakhoury (Managing Director of commented on the news:

“Over the years motor insurance companies have received a lot of negative publicity because of the premiums they charge on policies – with many complaining about the unfair price discrepancies when considering variables such as driving experience and vehicle brand/model owned. This though is fantastic news.

Admiral should be applauded for taking the initiative to help their customers out in these difficult times. They have truly led by example and I am sure their customers will be delighted with the £25 refund”.

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