Stubben Edge Partnership With MGAA On e-Trading Marketplace

Stubben Edge Group has announced an exciting new partnership with the UK’s managing general agents association (MGAA), giving full members better access to the e-trading marketplace. Unlike other e-trading platforms, the company will provide MGAs with the first three months of their membership on its Loyalty Platform for free – helping MGA’s struggling through Covid-19, better connect with clients.

The new partnership won’t only open up the marketplace but could save members up to £2,500 per-month, for the first three months, if they sign-up to this exclusive offer which is available for the duration of the UK’s lockdown. MGAA Operations Manager Ben Busfield says he’s excited to see the benefits of this new partnership.

“This is a great offering that demonstrates Stubben Edge’s commitment to delivering valuable benefits to the MGA community.”

“Stubben Edge is a valued member of the MGAA and we are delighted that they have opened up their platform for us,” said Mr Busfield.

Keeping up with the times

The initiative, which went live on April 28th, will become a one-stop-shop for brokers and MGAs, helping them list insurance products with the click of a finger through a unique platform designed for the brokers and insurance market.

The loyalty platform already boasts a range of retailer discounts for customers, including Pasta Evangelists, and Boohoo, and the new addition will now give these customers an easy and efficient route to buying new insurance products through the platform.

Stubben Edge Group’s Deputy Managing Director Karen Barretto says with the UK’s lockdown continuing for the foreseeable future, it was important to support its members during this difficult time.

“Businesses everywhere are having to adapt very quickly given the current climate and this includes moving to remote working, adapting workspaces, all the while ensuring they {MGA’s} give their clients a continued high level of service.”

“Stubben Edge is looking to support that with its platform which allows them to reward clients with discounts and benefits and provides tools to enable customer engagement via news articles, messaging or webinars,” Ms Barretto explained.

About the Stubben Edge Loyalty Platform

The new partnership comes after Stubben Edge Group launched its Loyalty Platform last month. The platform presents reward and loyalty-based incentives for life and health brokers to offer their customers – giving policyholders access to discounts and savings from a wide variety of well-known retailers. It can be completely personalised and aims to help brokers move to a membership insurance model and demonstrate value to their consumers while generating additional income streams.

The fully customisable platform offers loyalty rewards completely personal to the MGA’s customer community – ensuring the broker is entirely in control of the customer experience and data – particularly important in markets such as the life insurance market which has seen a decline in interest in recent years.

Stubben Edge Loyalty also provides a cost-friendly solution to issues facing the industry – harnessing the use of data and technology to automate portions of the platform, saving valuable set-up time and ultimately money for their users.

“We wanted to provide tools to assist MGA’s to understand their clients buying patterns and needs, thereby allowing for further engagement and opening up potential cross-selling opportunities,” Ms Barretto said.

The group has partnered up with key retailers that share a similar lifestyle ethos and culture to their broking partners and their clients. These loyalty partners include a range of established household names, niche and technology-driven brands such as, Pasta Evangelist, Halfords, boohoo, Bloom & Wild,, with more expected to announced in the coming weeks.

“It is important to us that we support local businesses and those who are embracing a digital journey for the first time. As such we will be adding some very exciting and innovative brands in the coming weeks,” Ms Barretto explained.


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