Zego & Voi Team Up on e-Scooter Rental Insurance in UK

Whenever the mainstream media runs a story on electric scooters, you will find a top rated comment below which says something like `yeah but will these idiots be insured as they zoom around the city?’ and the answer is, `scooter renters are not idiots, and yes, they will be insured.’

Zego are pushing forward into the future of urban mobility, because whether we like it or not, most of our city and town centres are going to be hollowed out as regards bricks and mortar retailing. The new normal will probably be a mix of eateries, charity shops, bars and densely populated tower block housing. Online ordering of everything from food to bicycle spares, guitar strings to socks will be the norm and delivery is going electric, no doubt about it. That offers  ahuge opportunity for insurers as operators of lightweight electric vehicles of all sizes will be required to display insurance on their smartphones.

Here’s the news from Zego.

Insurtech Zego has joined forces with Swedish e-scooter operator Voi as the company launches its rental vehicles in the UK.

Brokered by leading UK insurance and risk adviser Marsh Commercial, Zego will provide insurance for Voi’s entire UK fleet, with the policy fully integrated into the rider sign-up process to ensure that users have the third-party liability insurance required by the UK Government.

Since the Department for Transport accelerated the decision to launch trials of rental e-scooters on UK roads, Zego has established itself as the go-to insurance brand in the emerging sector, thanks to its flexible approach and experience in creating products for new mobility companies. The deal is an important step for Voi which has won and announced three major e-scooter trials in the UK, including in the West Midlands region, which launched on 10 September.

Swedish-founded Voi is a rapidly growing European provider of micro mobility, including e-scooters and is now operating in over 45 cities across Europe including Berlin, Zurich, Hamburg and Stockholm. Voi provides e-scooters at competitive prices, with monthly subscriptions from £33 a month, as well as discounts and free rides for key workers and low-income groups.

Voi believes that e-scooters can play a central role in changing how people move in our cities in the future and is committed to bringing innovative new technology to cities to help reduce emissions, congestion and pollution. Zego was founded in 2016 and offers a range of flexible B2B insurance models for fleet businesses and new mobility services, from minute-by-minute insurance to annual cover, providing far more flexibility than traditional insurers, with pricing based on usage data from vehicles.

Sten Saar, CEO and co-founder of Zego, said: “Voi is a leader in the e-scooter market and an extremely important partner for Zego as we look to establish ourselves as the go-to insurance brand for this exciting and high-growth sector. The e-scooter trials commencing up and down the country can offer great environmental and mobility benefits to cities and towns. We are happy to be playing a central role in their safe and responsible introduction.”

Fredrik Hjelm, CEO and co-founder of Voi, said: “Since we arrived in the UK we have gone over and above the UK government’s requirements for identity verification and insurance for e-scooters and that has been possible by working with Zego. E-scooters are transforming the way we travel around cities and creating urban environments with lower congestion and pollution. We’re delighted to work with Zego on making sure this transport revolution happens responsibly.”

Paul Buckle, Managing Director – Schemes and Affinities, Marsh Commercialcommented: “By bringing Voi and Zego together, we are playing a vital role in boosting the UK’s capacity to lead in the sharing economy. Through collaboration with various parts of the business, we were able to provide Voi with an optimal solution in order for them to commence the trial with confidence. We envision that the rollout will bring about a multitude of environmental benefits and we are excited by the opportunity to champion technological innovation in the transport and mobility sectors.”

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