Cupra Formentor SUV Features Cyclist Proximity Alerts

It seems likely that the UK government will make it the car driver’s responsibility to avoid hitting cyclists or pedestrians in future, even if they are wandering into the path of turning traffic at junctions, or slipping up the inside in busy traffic. As e-scooter trials begin this year in cities, that creates another risk for driver – and passengers – as scooter riders zoom up the inside when traffic is standing at lights too. Nobody wants to see more serious collisions caused by passengers jumping out of the car whilst stationary, so what is the solution?

One way to reduce these collisions in busy traffic is to build in cyclist proximity warning technologies from new. if it’s OEM fitted, then the driver doesn’t have to decide to use it – it just happens. Here’s some news from Cupra;

The latest car from CUPRA, the Formentor SUV, could help prevent dangerous ‘car dooring’ incidents with its Exit Warning technology. The feature provides additional assistance when exiting a stationary vehicle to protect other road users by reducing the chances of the driver or passengers opening a door in front of passing traffic.   

Delivering an audible warning if a cyclist, pedestrian or vehicle is coming, the technology is a first on a CUPRA model.

New Cupra SUV also features automated emergency call assistance feature.

With over 17,550 cyclists injured on the roads in 2018, many of which are ‘car dooring’ incidents, the technology could help reduce the injuries and deaths on Britain’s roads. As the first model developed exclusively by the brand, the CUPRA Formentor SUV is set to arrive on UK roads in January 2021.

Police statistics compiled and published by the Department for Transport (DfT) show that 99 cyclists died on Britain’s roads in 2018; 3,707 were seriously and 13,744 slightly injured. In 2019, the number of cyclists killed rose to 100.

A rear-facing camera to detect passing traffic gives off an audible warning so the driver and passengers do not open the door. Alongside the ‘Dutch Reach’, a technique which requires occupants to reach across with the hand furthest from the door, technology can combine with new behaviours to reduce accidents. 

CUPRA has taken a significant step forward with the launch of the CUPRA Formentor, the first model developed from the ground up by the brand.

The high-performance coupé crossover is the embodiment of CUPRA’s DNA: sophistication, innovation, and a dynamic driving experience. At a time when the coupé crossover segment is forecast to grow exponentially, the CUPRA Formentor coupé SUV combines the benefits of a performance car with the qualities of an SUV.

To find out more about the CUPRA Formentor, please visit:

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