Shall We Start Racing Flying Electric Cars? Hell Yeah

Airspeeder, the world’s first racing series for flying electric cars has signed the United Nations Sustainability in Sport pledge. In doing so, the racing series and the manufacturer behind it, Alauda, joins the leading names in global sport in committing to a long-term sustainable future. This includes The New York Yankees, The International Olympic Committee, The FIA, Formula E and Extreme E. 

Airspeeder is building the world’s most progressive motorsport. It will see a full-grid of electric flying cars racing closely at high speed above some of the most visually arresting scenery in the world. This could replace the famous Reno air races, which take place each year in Nevada, although many enthusiasts visit to see vintage aircraft being piloted at speed – nostalgia is arguably the main driver of spectator interest in most air shows.

Airspeeder represents sport driven by purpose. Electric flying car racing will hasten the arrival of the advanced air mobility revolution, a clean air form of transport that promises to transform global logistics, urban passenger transport and is already being used for remote medical applications. Racing, as it did at the dawn of the automobile and aviation age, drives progress and addresses key developmental questions around safety, awareness and technology.


From its inception, Airspeeder has been built in response to the global requirement to rapidly develop clean air mobility technologies. This extends to the philosophy around the staging of races, events and operations.

Airspeeder requires no resource-heavy infrastructure. Tracks are built digitally utilising the latest LiDAR, Radar and Augmented Reality Technology. This means there is no requirement to build impactful infrastructure. As a consequence Airspeeder will take racing to places it has never been before, offering fans watching via global streaming services the opportunity to witness racing in a more diverse range of landscapes than is possible in any other form of motorsport.

As a sport conceived in the age of global streaming, race-day impact is dramatically reduced as it does not commercially or conceptually rely on mass-spectator attendance.

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