Driveway Rentals Could Be a Nice Side Hustle This Summer

UK homeowners living near tourist hotspots should prepare for a money-making parking bonanza according to new research as foreign holiday travel plans are severely restricted, including proposed £5,000 fines for those flouting the new curbs. The research conducted by online parking portal found overwhelming evidence that many Brits would still prefer a staycation rather than holidaying abroad, even if they had the option to jet away.

It means British homeowners with an empty driveway, such as those living in seaside resorts, can rent out their space to tourists needing somewhere to park.

In fact, the independent investigation discovered that 2-in-5 Brits are now less likely to travel abroad, while a similar number (35 per cent) said they are more likely to book a staycation, and this is even without being forced to stay in the UK by law.

Residents in some coastal towns and cities, especially those located near attractions or beaches, could be earning a tidy sum. However those who decide to accept online payments and DON’T have any third party liability insurance may find that someone could make an expensive claim against them.

Let’s just run through those possible claims scenarios shall we?

Somone trips over your plant pot or borders near the driveway – claim for back injury, time off work

Local youths kick football into day trippers car boot causing dent – oh dear, all wearing hoodies, no ID

The hirer puts in a claim for a dented wheel rim because they drove over an obstacle, which they say you left there

Injury to pets on the driveway – could even be a neighbour’s cat injured by day visitor’s hot-tempered doggie. Now you have a three way claim.

Day tripper collides with your garage door causing 2K worth of damage, but he wants damages for dented bumper. Says the door flipped open.

Shall we continue? No, you get the message. This is all ice creams and frisbees until it goes Pete Tong.

The short answer to these potential problems is that you need a contract. It’s a good idea to have a sign on the premises explaining that you are NOT liable for damage to the parked car whilst the tourists are having a BBQ on the beach.

Bookings for rented driveways rocketed by more than 300 per cent in Southend-on-Sea, Brighton, Weymouth and St Ives last July compared to the previous month when lockdown restrictions were eased and Brits flocked back to the great British seaside, earning some local residents more than £160 per month.

To list an empty driveway for free, or to pre-book online one of its 250,000 parking spaces, visit

Bear in mind it is NOT illegal for someone to park on your driveway. It’s a matter of trespass and you need to fight it out in county court, at your own expense. You can’t block people in on your driveway either. Strange but true, more info here. 


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