E10 Petrol Will Add Costs for Drivers of Pre-2011 Cars

The latest from the UK govt;

This summer the standard petrol grade in the UK will become E10. Currently, UK petrol is E5, meaning it contains up to 5% bioethanol. E10 petrol will see the amount of bioethanol increase to 10%. Petrol cars manufactured after 2011 and most modern motorcycles are E10 compatible. However, around 5% of petrol vehicles made before 2011 will need to continue to use E5 petrol which will remain available as the super grade petrol option at the pumps.

Using E10 fuel in an incompatible petrol vehicle will not cause immediate harm but continued use could damage your engine’s parts. If in doubt about the compatibility of your vehicle, you can use the online E10 vehicle checker or seek further advice from the vehicle manufacturer or garage.


No, if you drive a modern 2011 onwards compliant petrol car then it should not make any difference. Older cars may suffer a little knocking or stalling, so stick to existing E5/unleaded, which will probably be rebranded as Super Unleaded and cost another 5p a litre most likely. Or use some additives every other tankful. There are lots on the market.

Classic car owners probably already know that all kinds of additives are needed to help their cars run on modern unleaded anyway, this is just yet more hassle and expense when it comes to running a Capri, Austin Mini or Jaguar XJ6. Best plan is consult your owners website and mix your own fuel, in safe conditions of course and wear gloves/eye protection.


No. Of course not. This is all about phasing out petrol cars and making life miserable for anyone who dares to drive in Britain. Expect more tolls, ULEZ zones and total bans on petrol cars in towns and city centres by 2022. Regardless of what fuel you use and how `green’ it is, the climate lobby are determined to force people out of their cars forever.

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