Extreme Car Security; Top Ten Anti-Attack Devices

We live in an age of anger, where Presidents can get bitch-slapped on walkabouts and mobs of people fight with machetes in major UK cities. So it’s worth thinking about investing in maximum vehicle security. Just for fun, MotorEasy spoke to vehicular armouring specialists Armormax, who specialise in armouring vehicles for world leaders, celebrities and people with high risk jobs.

While investigating Armormax’s offering, MotorEasy have revealed 10 security features commonly found on armoured cars that drivers can get their hands on. By installing these Armormax security features, drivers could turn their Ford Fiesta into a car so secure it could chauffeur any world leader.

1. Full armouring package – setting you back £47,100
Adding up to 1000 lbs of bullet proof protection, Armormax manufacture the lightest opaque vehicle armour which is 10 times stronger than ballistic steel, so you can rest easy knowing no bullets will be getting through your car doors.

2. External listening device – £485
Ever wondered if a friend or foe are planning an attack? Armormax also equips cars with external microphones, allowing passengers inside the vehicle to listen to unaware outdoor conservations without having to lower a window or open a door. That could be handy when driving through dodgy areas, or parking at supermarkets where suspicious characters are loitering on their e-scooters.

3. Ballistic glass windows – £1,735
Ballistic glass windows will set you back approximately £1,735 per window to protect against the toughest security concerns. The ballistic glass can provide protection from smaller hand-held guns to armour piercing rounds.

4. Electric shock door handles – £1,062
Armormax’s electric shock system converts the vehicles 12-volt battery power into a 120-volt current that is fed directly to the door handles with copper wire. Flipping the switch inside the car ensures that anyone attempting to open gets a serious jolt.

5. Remotely operated machine gun system – £67,283
Drivers can also get a machine gun system that is remotely operated inside the car. Once in operation, the machine gun springs up from a discreet tool chest in the boot of the car, ready to take on any cars that are in hot pursuit.

6. Smoke screen – £602
Being chased? A smoke screen is one of the more common defensive features used on high-risk vehicles. The smoke screen heats a oil based mixture to evaporate it then as it mixes with cool external air as it is dispensed from the exhaust, it condenses to a mist meaning you can make a discreet getaway while your chasers struggle to see.

7. Road tack dispensing system – £1,257
Should you ever find yourself a high-speed car chase, an armoured car has a releasable compartment towards the rear that drops metal tacks onto the road, piercing the tyres of your chaser and throwing them off course.

8. Run-flat wheels – £421 per tyre
Perhaps the most useful security feature for the average driver, Armormax also provides run-flat tyres that continue to operate even in the event of a flat tyre. The run-flat tyre inserts mean you can safely drive for 50+ miles at 70mph, so you can get yourself home without worry of having to stop and change a tyre.

9. Gunports – £347 per port
Armormax customers also have the option for more offensive security tactics as opposed to defensive. Gunports, or small openings, can be fitted in the car so there’s space for firing at enemies without running the risk of opening a window.

Charl Fourie, cooperating with the South African police, demonstrates an anti-hijacking “Blaster” flame-thrower in Johannesburg – file photo. REUTERS/Peter Andrews/Files

10. BMW Flamethrower – £460
South African creator Charl Fourie came up with a vehicle flame thrower as a means of guarding Johannesburg drivers against the threat of car jacking. The BMW Flamethrower blasts two-metre jets of burning gasoline to deter car jackers.

Mark Burton, CEO of Armormax, spoke to MotorEasy and said: “In terms of how far security features go, we can make virtually anything a client desires within the law. A lot of ideas for features come direct from clients – many have probably watched too many movies!

“Especially for civilians, we like to keep the approach defensive instead of offensive, but for government agencies and heads of state, the requirements are often much more substantial. Such as machine guns that are controlled from within the cabin and retract into a discreet tool chest when not being used.

“For us, however, the most affordable and one of the more effective car security features is run-flat wheels – much cheaper than some of the more ambitious products but essential for escaping a dangerous situation, especially with deflated tyres.”


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