This is Claims Settlement Genius. No Really, It Is

IE is loving this work; pinpoint the location, settle the claim faster. Add on some policyholder smartphone photos and you begin to build a database of risky locations. Roll that incident location idea out into the Motor sector, cross reference the incidents with other non-bicycle claims like trips, thefts and more. Then mix into your Quote and Renewal data stack – see where we are going with this?

Specialist cycling insurer Bikmo and innovative location app what3words have announced a new partnership, giving Bikmo customers a more accurate way to input locations when making insurance claims. This partnership means Bikmo is the first insurance provider in England to use what3words for insurance claims.

Co-founded by Chris Sheldrick in 2013, what3words is the simplest way to talk about locations. With postcodes often covering huge amounts of space, devoid of the pinpoint accuracy often required in the modern world, what3words divided the planet into 3 metre squares and gave each square a unique combination of three words. For example, the 3 word address for the first switch back of Box Hill is ///rounds.until.volume.

By incorporating what3words into their claims process, Bikmo can reduce the time it takes for its customers to log a claim. Customers will be able to provide the precise location of where an incident took place to a 3m square. This will be particularly beneficial to customers when reporting an incident in a rural or unfamiliar area.

Bikmo’s first claim using what3words has already been approved. After one of their policyholders came down on a gravel trail in Wentwood Forest near Newport, the rider used the service in order to quickly pinpoint the exact location. Commenting on the new feature, the customer said:

“It was very easy, I just opened the app and selected the square I needed. This was especially useful as the accident occurred in the forest, so I had no road names to go by”.

This partnership is the latest step taken by Bikmo to protect cyclists, as they continue to invest in technology. Earlier this year, they unveiled a brand new bike theft tracking tool for public use. Available to all for free, riders across the country can now view reported thefts on an interactive heatmap.

The partnership between Bikmo and what3words will also apply to the cover that the cycling insurer provides for Deliveroo riders. Considering the day-to-day risks for Deliveroo riders in urban environments, it is hoped that this will improve the ability for riders to report incidents and highlight risk hotspots.

David George, CEO of Bikmo said:

‘’We’re delighted to be announcing our partnership with what3words. Their service is increasingly being used by companies and individuals across the world, as they seek to improve the accuracy of locations for a variety of purposes.

‘’By incorporating what3words into our claims process, we’re improving efficiency for our customers, and increasing the accuracy when pinpointing claim locations.

‘’At Bikmo, we’re always looking for ways to improve our service, and invest in the technology of the future to make sure we can get people back on their bikes as quickly as possible.’’

Chris Sheldrick, Co-founder and CEO of what3words adds:

“Whether you’re in the city or on a rural cycle trail, reporting a bicycle incident should be quick and easy, and that starts with knowing your precise location. Bikmo’s customers can rest assured in knowing that when making a claim it will only require 3 words to report exactly where the incident happened.”

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