Car Depreciation: The Winners & Sinners

If you work in claims, then you’ll always want to keep pace with car resale values. Since the pandemic, used car prices have generally gone up, although some models and particular specs, are more in demand. Zutobi has done some research on depreciation, so that can act as a baseline indicator when deciding on settlement values.

Zutobi has tracked the lowest average rates of depreciation over a three-year period. Separately, they delved deeper into the data to present the individual models currently on the market with the highest and lowest depreciation rates.

They found that over three years the VW Polo and Golf, plus the Land Rover/Range Rover series had a depreciation score of about 10% a year. Sadly the Zutobi survey does not separate the Land Rover/RR Evoque entry level diesel models from the high end Range Rover Autobiography models, so lumping everything together doesn’t really offer much insight.

On the rapid depreciation charts, the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport stacked up a 58% loss in three years, with the Audi A6 All road Quattro in 2nd place and the Vauxhall Life van/MPV thing in third place, also on 58%.

Zutobi reckon the Mercedes E Class loses about 49% in three years on average. We found a basic spec E Class diesel at £23,000 with 15K on the clock – that was the cheapest we could find, and given a 2018 new price of £36K, that works out at about 40% depreciation over three years.

For what it’s worth you can read the Zutobi research here.


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