Which Countries Are Demanding Mandatory Health Insurance?

Moving overseas, or working abroad for a while? It’s worth thinking about the healthcare aspects very carefully, post Covid. The latest advice from International Citizens Insurance highlights five destinations which will not allow entry into their country without health insurance – a trend that could increase.

Joe Cronin, President of International Citizens Insurance said: “There is much to consider when looking to make the move abroad and obtaining the right level of insurance cover for your needs and circumstances is right at the top of the list. But there are lots of other things that need to be considered when planning ahead.

“If you have a chronic medical condition while abroad, arrange an appointment with the appropriate specialist in your host country. Consider obtaining a bracelet or pendant indicating your important medical condition. Also, be mindful and aware of any worsening of your condition.”

The global insurance specialist says the following tips are also important to consider, as recommended by doctors, HR experts and expatriates.

As part of your preparation:

  • Ask your doctor about vaccinations and immunisations required for your overseas stay
  • Translate the names of prescription and over-the-counter medications you use
  • Research the medical care and the healthcare system in the host country
  • Discuss your strategy should a serious illness occur
  • Visit your primary care doctor, dentist, and eye doctor. Get everything taken care of before you go.
  • Choose a doctor in your host country for yourself and your family members.

The company believes selecting adequate insurance cover is as important as getting your passport. This is especially important with an increasing number of countries who will not let you into the country without healthcare insurance. This means travellers can be turned away as soon as they arrive.

Health insurance is mandatory for the following countries for those wishing to travel or live overseas.

Cuba – has made the need for health insurance mandatory for all visitors entering the country. This rule applies to all travellers from overseas and for Cubans living abroad.

Qatar – medical insurance is compulsory for expats to help address healthcare costs in the country. In 2015, private companies were also made legally obliged to pay premiums on behalf of all expatriate employees.

Turkey – in order to obtain residence permit in Turkey, all expats need compulsory health insurance, although this is not a requirement for retired expats living there who are aged over 65. Turkey also needs all foreigners under the age of 65 traveling on long stay tourist visas to have unlimited comprehensive cover for in-patient treatment.

The UAE – it is mandatory for visitors to have health insurance to enter the UAE and everyone applying for a visit or tourist visa needs to have proof of coverage, regardless of gender, age or nationality. Travellers who don’t need visas on arrival are exempt.

Antarctica – Travel insurance including comprehensive health coverage is mandatory for all cruises here. Antarctic operators will require proof of insurance before issuing your tickets. Due to the destination’s remoteness, your regular health insurance is not enough for Antarctica.

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