Calls For CEOs To Support Climate Change Agenda

The opportunities for insurers and brokers to make money from climate change policies are huge. Politicians are pouring taxpayers cash into all kinds of green-friendly projects, from cycle lanes that are rarely used in winter, to alternative energy that doesn’t produce electricity when the weather is calm. New hydrogen boilers, EV charging points, e-scooter trials, new green belt housing, inner city retail premises re-purposed as accommodation for housing association tenants – all this stuff needs insurance. Here’s some news from Resilience First who are banging the drum for more of this earth-saving and ESG compliant goodness.

Business member organisation Resilience First is calling for 22 global CEOs to commit to climate resilience in 2022, as part of the UNFCCC Race to Resilience global campaign, the sibling campaign of Race to Zero.

The High-Level Climate Champions Race to Resilience Initiative was launched at the Climate Adaptation Summit on 25 January by The Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP, COP26 President designate, after an opening statement from Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary General of the United Nations.

Through a partnership of initiatives, the campaign will focus on helping frontline communities build resilience and adapt to impacts of climate change.

Pledging climate action

Urban business resilience is an urgent issue and businesses must be included in efforts to tackle climate-related challenges. Championing resilience will enable the private sector to continue providing critical services in the face of climate hazards, such as utilities, transport, communications, retail and banking, as well as direct employment, while protecting communities in their value chains and prioritizing knowledge-sharing.

Resilience First’s #RaceToResilience campaign launches Monday 20 September at Climate Week NYC. Find out more and get involved here.

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