DriveScore Hits The Road: Insurance Pricing Based on Behaviour

ClearScore, the UK’s leading credit marketplace, has partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) and leading UK insurers to launch DriveScore, a new free app that connects safe drivers with insurers to create a breakthrough in car insurance risk pricing data.

DriveScore is designed to help good drivers save money when shopping for their car insurance. The app measures users’ driving behaviour and provides users with a score and detailed insights to help them understand how they compare, and how they can improve. Users can then choose to share their score with insurers within the app to obtain enhanced car insurance quotes.

DriveScore encourages users to maintain safer driving behaviour through coaching and rewards. Users can participate in a good driver challenge to earn tickets for a monthly prize draw, offering good drivers a chance to win a new car. The app is available now for iOS and Android platforms from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For insurers, DriveScore offers a powerful new source of data to enhance pricing accuracy and risk selection. Unique in the UK today, DriveScore facilitates telematics-informed pricing at the point of initial quote, enabling insurers to price on driving behaviour immediately, instead of waiting until renewal as with traditional telematics solutions. To safeguard user privacy, when users choose to share their data, insurers only receive aggregated snapshot scores, not trip details, and users can work to improve their score before seeking quotes.

ClearScore has partnered with some of the UK’s leading insurers at the launch of DriveScore, with Hastings Direct, Covéa’s Provident brand and Admiral all now quoting within the DriveScore marketplace, and further insurers expected to join the panel later this year.

The DriveScore app utilises CMT’s DriveWell platform, which uses smartphone sensors to measure driving behaviours such speeding, harsh braking, sharp turns, acceleration, and phone distraction.

“We’re proud to launch DriveScore, having worked with CMT and our first insurer partners, Hastings, Covéa and Admiral, to bring this innovative new app to market” said Ciaran Astin, Managing Director, DriveScore. “DriveScore puts users in control of their driving data, enabling insurers to access powerful risk data to enhance their new business pricing across a broad segment of car insurance buyers. Ultimately, this will improve fairness and transparency in car insurance pricing and help insurers to deliver better value for safer drivers.”

“We are very excited to partner with ClearScore on this innovative new approach to car insurance quoting” said Ben Bowne, CMT’s VP of VP of Global Sales and Partnerships. “This approach makes it easy for drivers to control their data, improve their driving and pay less for car insurance.”

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  1. Does the Drivescore app record when people don’t use indicators? Does it record when people cut across roundabouts, instead of staying in their lane. Does it record when people sit in the outside lane of dual carriageways, when not overtaking or approaching a right turn junction? I’ll be very interested to see if ALL aspects of bad driving are captured!

    • Good questions. Many apps do record which lane you are in, plus many modern cars have ADAS systems that detect poor driving scenarios as you desribe. That accumulated data is underpinning underwriting, and the pricing of premiums, in some cases. As older cars are replaced by more tech enabled vehicles car insurance costs will be based on driving behaviours, rather than postcode, annual mileage or occupation. But it is a slow process and you cannot retro fit the tech easily. Apps are the best compromise in those situations.

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