OpenLegacy Launches OL Hub; Recycle Those Legacy Assets


OpenLegacy, which delivers monolithic mainframe system interfaces as cloud-native building blocks of innovation, today announced OL Hub, the only modernization platform that supports generation of services from all types of core assets with the speed and simplicity of cloud development.

Despite the explosive growth of the global low-code and no-code market for application development, integration of core assets have largely been left out. OpenLegacy’s digital-driven integration OL Hub allows companies to build new services leveraging core systems at the same speed they build digital systems. By enabling the reuse of legacy assets in new combinations quickly and seamlessly without the maintenance costs of low-level APIs or enterprise service bus (ESB), OL Hub can be easily deployed regardless of a company’s digital platform.

“OL Hub helps businesses from financial institutions to insurance providers dramatically shorten the time to market for new digital services. Business leaders can quickly adapt to meet evolving business needs,” explains OpenLegacy CEO Romi Stein. “Enterprises easily build business-level APIs from core assets with OL Hub. This enhanced flexibility, simplifies the way API designers build services that reference monolithic legacy systems, and automates the representative creation and cataloging of previous interfaces with the ease of a cloud-native app.”

“OpenLegacy Hub represents a completely new way to design cloud-native services from core assets,” states OpenLegacy Chief Product Officer Zeev Avidan. “OL Hub supports the creation of low-, no-, and full-code services in a variety of deployment options including .NET with C#, Java, node.JS, microservices or serverless both on cloud and on-premise. Through its user-friendly interface, the platform simplifies core asset integration and enables equitable enterprise-wide access to digital resources with multiple entry points for independent software vendors (ISVs) to access those assets.”

The OL Hub Platform is built from OpenLegacy’s award-winning integration technology. Hub supports the automation of the entire integration process to help companies achieve their digital journey at speed. OL Hub is now available for cloud-based free trials. Schedule a remote-based product demo here.

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