Green Flag Says Breakdowns Will Spike Today

Green Flag has revealed it expects the number of breakdowns to spike today, Monday 25th October, which it says will be the busiest day for incidents this half term, with most cars travelling on the first day of the holidays. IE has just checked and there are ongoing roadworks causing delays right across the UK motorway network, with the M61 (closure due to accident), M6 and M5 particularly affected by different projects right now.

To help combat breakdowns and the inevitable half-term rush, Green Flag is providing drivers with its top tips to road safety:

  1. Check traffic before you travel. Green Flag suggests you check for traffic before you set off, then you can plan your route, avoid the queues, and stay safe on the road. This is particularly important on Monday 25th, as we’re expecting that to be the busiest day of the week.
  2. Watch out for bad weather. Summer is long gone now, so check the weather for heavy rain and/or high winds before you travel. If possible, time your journey to avoid bad weather to make the drive a little easier.
  3. Be prepared. You never know what you might need for your journey, so it’s always wise to be prepared. Keep spare water, food and even a couple of blankets in your car as a ‘breakdown kit’, just in case.
  4. Plan and take breaks. If you’re travelling far and wide for a half term staycation, make sure you take breaks to avoid tiredness. Try to plan stops into your route before you go, that way it’s easier to stick to them.
  5. Pre-journey car check. Tyre pressure, tyre treads, oil levels – make sure you give your car a full check over to ensure there are no issues that could cause an accident.
  6. Always stay calm. We all know driving can get stressful, but it’s important you keep calm while driving, as stress can lead to mistakes. Make sure you’ve sorted out breakdown cover before you travel for extra peace of mind.
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