RAC Reacts To Fuel Duty Freeze

The Chancellor announced that fuel duty would be frozen, which given the recent spike in demand for petrol and diesel, plus the uptick in crude prices, seems a wise move. Around 60% of the cost of a litre is tax, duty and VAT on top and the move to introduce E10 fuel has allowed the retailers to bump the price of E5 up above £1.45 per litre.

Commenting on the announcement that fuel duty is to remain frozen at 57.95p per litre for 2022-23, RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said:

“We welcome the Chancellor’s confirmation that duty will continue to remain frozen at 57.95p a litre. With pump prices at record highs, now would have been the worst possible time to change tack and hike up costs still further at the forecourt. If duty had gone up, RAC data suggests the average price of a litre of petrol could have reached 147p taking the cost of a tank to over £80, and diesel an eye-watering 150p.

“But we’re disappointed he did not provide some respite for drivers at the pumps. As VAT is charged on the final cost at the pumps, a temporary cut in VAT to motor fuels would have benefitted drivers immediately at time when filling up the car is hurting household budgets more than ever before as well as the wider economy as people will have less money to spend.”

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