RAC Comment on New Smartphone Use Law

The government is beefing up the law on smartphone use whilst driving. Tesla owners will still be able to play on their huge laptop screen though. Will it actually make the roads safer? Nope, but it will add points and that means higher motor premiums in the long run for drivers who are caught by roadside and gantry mounted cameras.

Reacting to the news that the law governing illegal use of a handheld phone while driving is to change, RAC road safety spokesman Simon Williams said:

“We strongly welcome the Government’s strengthening of the law on handheld mobile phone use behind the wheel. As our phones have become more sophisticated, the law has not kept pace and this has allowed some drivers who have been using their handheld phones for purposes other than communicating to exploit a loophole and avoid the maximum penalty. Our research suggests that more than one-in-10 younger drivers admit to taking a photo or video while driving, while 6% say they have played a game.

“While today’s announcement is clearly good news, it’s absolutely vital that the new law is vigorously enforced otherwise there’s a risk that it won’t deliver the sort of behaviour change that will make our roads safer.”

See how to watch Netflix while driving a Tesla here by the way, very entertaining. Not legal at all, please don’t try this at home or on the M25.

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