Radiflow Growing Fast in EU Cyber Security Market

Almost everyone in the insurance sector agrees that cyber is going to be a strong growth area in 2022, so this news from Radiflow is timely;

Radiflow, a leading provider of OT-focused cybersecurity solutions, is welcoming many new partnerships across Europe in order to meet the demand for increased protections of OT facilities. These include known solutions providers Capula UK, MMX in the UK, Logitek Spain, Germany’s Performio, Mi-Line Slovenia, Syndis of Iceland, and others.

Following a year of attacks on major OT facilities such as medical facilities, utility supplies, food chain segments, and other critical operational technology assets, companies are realizing the gravity of this problem. Unlike traditional IT networks that can be cataloged and protected on a systematic basis, OT networks often are made up of layered technologies that are integrated with legacy systems. This leaves unknown vulnerabilities exposed to hackers while forcing teams to manage the reality that the cybersecurity perimeter is not always clearly defined.

In the past, companies implemented OT cybersecurity protocols to be in compliance with new regulations. Today, it’s about the growing threat of business interruptions and physical harm that may accompany OT cybersecurity incidents. Gartner predicts that by 2025, these attacks are likely to become lethal as the market potential grows to $18.1 billion by 2023. “We have recognized impressive growth through our global partners and are now strengthening our presence through local partnerships. This will allow us to deliver our first-of-its-kind OT-BAS analysis of OT facilities to even more CISOs,” said Ilan Barda, CEO of Radiflow. “With this ability to utilize an OT-BAS platform and simulate any attack from ransomware to system overrides, cybersecurity teams can constantly update their playbooks and deploy relevant mitigations against today’s emerging threats.”

Radiflow’s CIARA platform provides easy onboarding for partners, whether they have vast OT cybersecurity knowledge or are looking to expand their cyber offerings to include OT networks. A comprehensive dashboard has an easy setup process, allowing end clients to utilize features from the multi-facility dashboard effortlessly. Clients recognize immediate ROI by adequately knowing how to delegate cybersecurity resources and budgets by using data to protect what matters most.

Doubling their YoY revenue, Radiflow is looking to continue growing their presence as a leading player in this evolving market. Partner companies are an avenue for growth as they are selected for having a proven record in various OT or IT sectors and having a history of building a trusted customer base. Over the past year, Radiflow’s growth in Europe is occurring alongside growth in North America with local partners, IS5 Communications, InfoSight in the United States, and SourcetekIT in Canada.

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