Pet ID & British Pet Insurance Collab

With UK legislation mandating that all dogs, and very soon cats, must be microchipped, collaborating with Pet-ID was a natural move for The two companies have partnered to offer FREE introductory cover from British Pet Insurance to all eligible pets including dogs, cats, exotic pets and small mammals implanted with a Pet-ID microchip. All other Pet-ID customers with an insurable pet can also buy an annual British Pet Insurance policy.

Pet-ID has supplied high quality microchips for over 20 years to implanters across the UK and worldwide. In addition to domestic pets and companion animals, Pet-ID microchips are used for a wide range of species from large zoo animals to conservation of some of the smallest species including bats and dormice.

Jo Montclare, Managing Director at Pet-ID said, “I’m excited about our new partnership with British Pet Insurance and the opportunity to expand and improve the range of products and benefit levels we offer. We’re also able to reach more pets with the additional species other than cats and dogs that we can now cover with our 4 weeks free insurance and annual policies.”

The UK government announced plans to make cat microchipping a legal requirement late last year, although the actual legislation hasn’t made it through Parliament yet.

Andy Pearce, Group CEO of British Pet Insurance added, “As one of the UK’s most comprehensive specialist pet insurance providers, we’re delighted to be working with Pet-ID to achieve our joint goal of keeping the nation’s pets safe. Our focus is on the health and wellbeing of all pets.

“Having your pet microchipped is one of the most crucial steps you can take to recover your pet should it ever get lost or injured in your absence,“ he said.

Cat owner Sarah discovered just how important that choice was when her treasured Poppy went missing in May this year. After several months, despite extensive searching, social media posts and ‘missing’ flyers, Sarah assumed the worst. Then out of the blue, five months later in October, Sarah received a message that Poppy had been found hiding out in a greenhouse, eating food being left out by the members of a local hedgehog conservation group. The team were able to scan Poppy’s microchip and locate her owner. Sarah couldn’t believe the news as Poppy had been missing for months. She was overjoyed to be able to bring her home and catch up on cuddles and cat treats. Needless to say, Poppy has been ‘grounded’ for a few weeks!

Poppy’s story just goes to show how essential microchipping pets can be. And ensuring they have the right insurance should anything go wrong can give owners the ultimate peace of mind. British Pet Insurance can help cover the costs of vet bills, and also offer cover for finding lost pets, including posting a reward.

All told, the partnership between British Pet Insurance and Pet-ID will certainly prove to be an essential tool in helping to protect the country’s precious pets.

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