Reinsurance: Supercede Platform Gets an Upgrade

Supercede, the global reinsurance platform, has been redesigned with enhanced functionality and a more intuitive user experience to facilitate deal-making across the entire placement lifecycle, following increased worldwide market demand. Launched in 2021, Supercede quickly established itself as the reinsurance platform of choice for cedents, brokers, and reinsurers keen to access the ‘reinsurance ecosystem’, by bringing together data, deals, and people.

The platform offers a radically better collaborative placement experience. Brokers gain from a better placement process; reinsurers have access to more risks and data; and cedents can enhance their submission quality across all non-life products and lines of business, with a seamless flow of single input, actuarial-grade data.

However, as Supercede’s user base has expanded worldwide, so has demand for a more intuitive, efficient, and value-added experience. This led Supercede’s team to develop Supercede 2.0, an upgraded, feature-rich new version of the platform designed to streamline deal-making and enhance the overall user experience.

Lloyds of London 

“We built Supercede to tackle the intricacies of reinsurance for all involved counterparties [cedents, brokers, and reinsurance underwriters], which is something other placement platforms failed to really hone in on,” said Jerad Leigh, CEO. “Supercede 2.0 takes this to a new level. With multiple improvements, not only is the entire placement process more intuitive for current users, but new users can get quickly up to speed and begin effectively streamlining their activities, whether it’s data preparation, leveraging new business opportunities, or connecting with new partners.”

A significant update has been to make the platform fully mobile-ready. This enables users to take the entire placement process with them ‘on-the-go’, with secure access to the platform from any mobile device. This is particularly valuable as the market continues to adjust to a post-COVID-19 environment, where issues such as hybrid working are accelerating many businesses’ transition towards digitalisation.

Workflows across Supercede have been improved to make processes more intuitive and efficient. This enables users to more easily see where in the placement workflow a deal sits, with a placement status bar that moves with you from deal creation to deal bound. Further, a new Subjectivity Management feature allows brokers to efficiently review all layer subjectivities at once, with the option to accept or decline in a single modal.

A new Options Management feature has also been included that allows brokers to create multiple options with different structures within a single deal. This enables users to send multiple options for quoting to help determine the optimal structure for the cedent.

The new version also features an extensive ‘Help Hub’ that provides users with a guided tour of the platform, making the transition to conducting business through Supercede faster and easier with less disruption to users’ working practices.

As the largest global network of reinsurance professionals, the Supercede platform works across all non-life products and lines of business and provides a seamless flow of actuarial-grade data which can also be connected to underwriter systems via APIs.

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