Allianz Goes Big on Solar Future

Allianz Insurance is looking to go big on solar, as the Ukraine war highlights the vulnerability of nations to interruptions of supply of oil and gas, or sudden price hikes. Despite Britain having decades of coal, oil and gas under the land and nearby seas, plus 60 years of experience in nuclear power, there seems to be no desire by major companies or political parties to achieve energy independence. Instead, more money is to be poured into `green’ technologies, which may – or may not – supply Britain’s energy demands in the future. Here’s the word from Allianz;

Allianz is delighted to announce that it is the first insurance member of Solar Energy UK. The established solar and energy storage trade association, with its 256 members across the value-chain, is working to treble the UK’s solar capacity to 40GW by 2030.

Allianz is committed to helping shape a more sustainable future and in the past year has launched numerous initiatives, including: the Net Zero Accelerator – helping brokers to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, partnering with Synetiq for sourcing green parts for motor claims, and having all UK offices run on renewable energy. And now, as part of Solar Energy UK, Allianz can continue to contribute further to the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Steve Kelly, head of insurance for Allianz Engineering, Construction and Power, said: “We are very happy to be the first insurer member of Solar Energy UK and we hope we are not the last. No doubt other insurers and brokers will follow suit, not necessarily with Solar Energy UK, but with other trade associations or groups that promote and support the path to a more sustainable way of doing business.

“Solar Energy UK is a great fit for Allianz. We already have diverse engineering and insurance expertise within the renewable energy sector, but we want to build on that to be a leading force in the insurance industry.”

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