Travel: WEF Plans Digital Tracking For Every Tourist, Plus Rationing Visits

The latest communique from the World Economic Forum, currently meeting behind its own private Police force in Davos, suggests that the globalist group aims to ration travel, use sustainability targets to underpin a green holiday experience and utilise digital passports and vax tracking to enable travel restrictions.

For insurance brands the WEF strategy, assuming it is rubber stamped by elected leaders rather than self-appointed ones, will see a shrinking mass tourism market, plus many small businesses vanish as digital permits to operate are refused on `environmental’ grounds.

“Government, business and civil society leaders can address barriers to recovery by looking at the different factors that can support the long-term development and resiliency of their respective travel and tourism economies,” said Lauren Uppink, Head of Aviation, Tourism and Travel at the WEF. “This will require decision-makers to restore consumer confidence and international openness by prioritizing such things as enhanced health and security measures, encouraging inclusive labour practices, improving environmental sustainability and investing in digital technology.”

The WEF has invented its own Travel Index, which it is using to rank countries, according to its own criteria, not the actual popularity of destinations with consumers. Incredibly, despite all the evidence showing that the Covid vaccines don’t work in preventing the spread of the virus, the WEF is calling for more free vaccines for poorer countries, in order to help them score a bit higher on their Index.

In a chilling final note, the WEF states that digital surveillence will be used to ration the number of tourists any country, or attraction, can welcome;

“New digital tools can be used to manage tourism flows, optimize visitors’ experiences and reduce overcrowding. Addressing issues such as the digital divide, skills gaps and fully including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in digitalization efforts will be critical to fully leveraging digital technology to improve the tourism sector as a whole.”


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