Are Monkeypox Restrictions Going to Cancel Your Holiday?

There has been a surge in the number of Brits concerned about whether the ‘monkeypox’ virus could impact their upcoming holidays, says travel insurance provider Holidaysafe. Although the virus itself is difficult to contract, there is always the risk that globalist governments will use case numbers as an excuse for local lockdowns, extra visa or travel related paperwork, app tracking etc.

Brits are actively seeking confirmation on where they stand should their holiday plans be ruined. IE recommends you have wraparound travel insurance, including repatriation in case of serious injury or medical emergency of course. But specific Monkeypox cancellation T&Cs are also a good idea right now, if you can find them in the small print. Here’s some useful info;

Currently, the UK Health Security Agency advice recommends that anyone who has had direct or household contact with a confirmed monkeypox case should isolate for 21 days. Contacts are advised to provide their details for contact tracing, forgo travel, and avoid contact with immunosuppressed people, pregnant women, and children under 12.

Travel insurance provider, Holidaysafe, has confirmed that the wide range of cover included in their policies would include protection against cancellation and curtailment if individuals fall seriously ill with monkeypox and are unable to travel or be legally required to isolate, provided the matter can be certified by a medical practitioner.

It comes as no surprise that travellers are taking a more cautious approach when it comes to their holidays and travel insurance protection, given that many were caught out by Covid-19 by not having the right cover in place.

Sarah Page, brand manager at Holidaysafe, said: “We’re seeing travellers taking interest in their cover and actively making sure their policies match their holiday needs. While this is a good thing, it’s important we offer them the cover they need. The pandemic has given us a lot of insight into dealing with the unexpected and we are ready to react accordingly.

“Right now, there is only a handful of confirmed monkeypox cases here in the UK.

“While we hope the number of cases stays limited, our team remains committed to monitoring the case rates. And, if necessary, will aim to adjust our policies to be aligned with the government’s guidance to make sure we continue to match our cover to what customers need.”

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