Hey Those New WFH Hobbies Need Cover Too

Timely news from Urban Jungle, who note how the WFH lifestyle frees up people from the commuter hell of automated train cancellations, traffic jams on the M62/M60 or listening to the inane ramblings of a fellow bus passenger on the latest Love Island antics.

Those two hours, or even four hours per day, can be utilised for more productive and life-enhancing activities. Sometimes that means the new guitar, bicycle, repair shop tools etc need insurance.

Brits have fallen back in love with having a hobby, new research reveals, as working from home frees up valuable time once dedicated to the daily commute. As we find more time to do the things we love, playing a musical instrument, hitting the fairways or relaxing with a rod by the river are top of the list compiled by top rated insurer Urban Jungle. 


Making music – whether strumming a guitar, blowing a sax, or picking up the bagpipes – has seen the biggest explosion, especially amongst the 26-41 millennial age group. In fact, coverage for musical instruments has increased by 228% since 2020. 

Guitars are the most popular instruments listed, followed by saxophones – though the nation’s musical tastes know no bounds with the likes of bagpipes, accordions and harps all featuring across recent policies.  

Urban Jungle, which uses technology to screen out fraud and ultimately makes insurance cheaper and fairer for customers, analysed real time data of all listed items on customer policies to get an understanding of the nation’s hobbies and pastimes. 

Aside from being the next Ed Sheeran, Brits love for the great outdoors after several years of lockdown has also piqued the nation’s interest in golf and fishing.  Golf clubs and equipment have seen a 209% rise in policy coverage over the last two years, with the older 40+ age group spending the most on their golfing equipment. 


Research by the R&A, one of golf’s governing bodies, showed that 4.8m adult golfers in the UK participated in playing a full-length course in 2021, up by a staggering 60% or 1.8m adult players compared to those who played pre-pandemic in 2019 (3m). 

And while fishing is regarded as a more relaxing pastime, it’s also one of the most expensive with an average of £4,523 worth of rods, tackle and gear being included on an anglers policy. In comparison, the average cost of musical instruments being insured is £3,185, while golf is the least expensive of the three top hobbies with equipment being covered for an average value of £2,925. 

Though these three hobbies are the most popular, the data analysis also identified some of the more unusual leisure items being insured by customers too. Quirky items include a full sky diving and parachute rig, a traditional Norwegian National costume, telescopes and microscopes, snooker cues, as well as a cache of radio-controlled cars. 


Stephen Cowap, Insurance Director of Urban Jungle, said: “We all know it’s been a tough few years with lockdowns and restrictions, so it’s great to see a silver lining of the pandemic is the hobbies we’ve taken up during this time. And with many people still benefitting from working from home and spending less time on the daily commute, interest and take up of new hobbies is only likely to grow. 

“Some of these activities require significant investment due to equipment costs, so Contents Insurance is a great way to cover items against risks such as theft or accidental damage. And with policies starting at just £5, we offer fair and customisable plans so consumers only pay for the cover that suits them. 

Visit Urban Jungle’s website for further information: https://myurbanjungle.com/   

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