Can You Hire a Supercar Using Crypto? Hell Yeah

Yes, you can now rent a supercar with those crypto currency profits. Don’t forget the collision damage insurance waiver. Here’s the word;

Customers can now choose to pay for a selection of 150 supercars from 28 luxury marques in Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrency as well as in pounds. One of the cars available at their showrooms in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh is the £2.4m Bugatti Chiron, which costs £200,000 a day to rent, or 220.75 ETH, or 11.696 BTC.

Classic Parade founder and owner Mr Brown said: “Our clientele are international and want to be able to pay to rent our supercars without the hassle and cost of exchange rates and transfer fees.

“Many of our clientele have significant holdings in cryptocurrency and so it makes sense to offer this option for them. The transactions are immediate and we can also take the deposits in crypto as well, and then it’s easy to return the deposit after the rental has expired as well.”

Crypto payments are made to Classic Parade’s secure wallet and all necessary steps are taken to ensure the safety of the financial transfers. Once the funds have transferred and the rental agreements are signed the supercar is either collected or delivered to the customers address in the UK.

Mr Brown added: “We have to go through the usual identity checks needed to hire a vehicle but these are easy to process and it becomes much easier with every repeat transaction. “This way we can also provide adequate “know your customer” checks.”

One of Classic Parade’s most popular cars for summer rentals is the Lamborghini Huracán EVO Spyder which costs £1,600 a day to rent, or 1.64 ETH or 0.093 BTC.

Mr Brown said: “We are expecting a great deal of interest from crypto investors in the next few months to rent out our incredible supercars. Many investors are relatively young and want to show their wealth and so the interest in supercars is very strong for this market.”

You can see the full range of supercars and their prices at

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