Cancelled or Delayed Dover-Calais Ferry? Maybe You Can Claim

If you are currently stuck at the Port of Dover in an SUV with screeching kids, a £6.50 motorway services sandwich and no bottled water left, then we feel your pain. But if your Channel ferry or tunnel journey is cancelled, what can you do?
Maybe your travel insurance might cover the cancelled trip, assuming you have been told to turn around and go home. IE would also advise that you record any conversations with ferry terminal staff, in case you need that evidence later – just a thought. Meanwhile, here’s some advice from Forbes Advisor;
Kevin Pratt, of Forbes Advisor, has shared his advice for people currently stuck waiting to travel.
“Anyone stuck in traffic trying to get a cross-channel ferry may be able to claim on their travel insurance – the relevant sections are ‘Missed departure’ and ‘Travel delay’.
“If you missed your booked ferry slot and the ferry provider won’t move your booking to a later departure gratis, you may be able to claim for the cost of re-booking it yourself. Policies provide a fixed maximum amount you can claim – say, £500 – but you can only claim back what you spend. If you need to pay for accommodation because of the delay, that can be added to the amount, but again, there’ll be a ceiling on the amount you can claim.
“The travel delay section of a policy kicks in if you are delayed by a certain amount of time – usually 12 hours. You’ll then be able to claim a cash amount – say, £25 – and then additional amounts depending on how long the delays endure, up to a maximum of perhaps £100. Hopefully nobody will be in the jams for that long.
“Policies also include provision for abandoning a holiday if the delay lasts for 24 hours. That might mean you could reclaim the cost of any accommodation you have booked in Europe if you decide, after a lengthy delay, to turn around and head back home. As ever, it’s important to check the policy details to see where you stand.”
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