Aviva’s Staff Support is Real Levelling Up, Not Political Spin

Regular readers will know that the IE Ed has no time for mainstream politicans. In short they talk a lot, but do very little that has any long term, positive benefit to our country. The Conservative policy of “levelling up” is a shining example of this slogan first, do very little afterwards hypocrisy, but to be blunt Labour and the Lib Dems have done absolutely nothing to close the divide between London/SE and the rest of the UK over the last 50 years.

But there is another societal division in politics which has emerged since the pandemic. It’s a divide and rule policy aimed at favouring the benefits class vs the working class, in other words, people who have to work full time to pay bills.

Recently the UK government announced that around £650 would be given to people to help with energy bills. Sounds good but like all benefits this is means tested, so those who don’t work are more likely to receive it. The fact is that if you are earning minimum wage of around £19,000 a year you will receive nothing and if you have a family and face gas bills of £3000 this winter that maths doesn’t add up – in reality, you would be better off giving up work and claiming benefits instead.

This is globalist thinking; make people dependent upon the State by taking away any chance of making progress for the lower paid, or even simply surviving on what they can earn by working. Divide and rule – it’s how the Romans did things.


So hats off to Aviva, who last week announced their staff ( earning below 35K) would recieve £1000 to help with the cost of living. In addition car parking charges at Aviva offices ( which are a parking space tax enacted by globalist green politicians) would also be scrapped.

The money will be added to Ocrtober’s wage run at Aviva and although tax and NI will take a huge chunk of it, IE feels this is an important social good from Aviva. You cannot ignore the discrimination that working people face. They are being punished by globalist politicians simply for taking responsibility for their own lives and earning a living. For them to be excluded from the UK Govt’s cost of living support is unfair and discriminatory.

Other insurers should follow this lead by Aviva and here’s two reasons why;

First you can’t keep posting profits in the billions each year and expect your lower paid staff to keep smiling and accepting a small 3-5% pay rise when real inflation is running at 25% or so. Before you throw the nonsense Govt inflation stats at me, please fill your car with fuel, please buy some beans from Tesco – 25% is a conservative estimate year-on-year. We are living in a time of hyper inflation, just look at Turkey and see how bad it could get this winter.

So giving staff a one-off levelling up payment is great for morale. It’s also socially just, as it helps those suffering the biggest impact of rising prices, plus it rewards the concept of work itself.

If the future is leased EVs for the rich and e-bikes for the poor, you have no mass Motor market.

Secondly, a dystopian future where people receive help from the State for every bad thing that happens; pandemics closing businesses, heating bills rising, loss of job, assets, health problems etc. means nobody actually needs insurance companies.

In a world where the WEF decrees that you will own nothing, why would you insure someone else’s house or flat? If the white goods, WiFi and furnishings are provided by NGOs or the State, why insure them, why even maintain or clean them? Even you think that climate zealots won’t ban private cars, holidays or buying a second home (spoiler, they will) there is a short term effect caused by the globalist organised inflation spiral.

Consider the maths; If the cost of rent/mortgage, food, lighting and heating consumes 50%-70% of household budgets for at least 50% of the population this winter and next year, where do you think the travel, home, healthcare, gadget or bicycle insurance premiums are coming from in 2023?

If you can’t level up the opportunities, the choices and aspirations of those willing to work, if you can’t fight for the concept of private ownership of assets by EVERYONE, not just an elite, then you have no future as mass market insurance providers. Simple as that.


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