Is Singapore Too Relaxed on Risk & Resilience?

Maybe so. A new in-depth report by Beazley takes a look at overall risks in Singapore; IP knowledge, cyber, supply chains, Net Zero regs and more. The detailed report also includes lots of survey feedback from business owners and leaders.

Key findings:


  • 35% of Singapore-based business leaders feel they operate in a high-risk environment – almost 10% more than global peers
  • Only 23% report feel highly resilient – in marked contrast to the US where 34% report feeling highly resilient.
  • Just 15% place climate change as their top environmental risk and only 27% feel very prepared to address this risk
  • Supply chains are key to this trading city state but they are perceived as high risk with resilience low

Singapore’s risk and resilience matrix shows that all environmental risks, with the exception of pandemic, fall well below the Beazley Risk & Resilience high-risk category line. So it’s a reasonable to ask, are Singapore based business leaders complacent about environmental risks?

You can read the report in detail here.



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