Van Thefts In London: Latest Stats From Direct Line

Where are we on London area van theft in the post-Covid, Low Traffic Neighbourhood, get it delivered tomorrow sort of world? Good question, Direct Line has some answers;

Some 3,314 vans were stolen in London over the past year, according to new data from Direct Line business insurance. This equates to nine thefts each day between September 2021 and August 2022.

Broken down by remit, 3,302 vans were stolen in areas that fall under the Metropolitan Police’s jurisdiction, while 12 were stolen in locations patrolled by the City of London Police – a total of 3,314. However, the number of van thefts decreased slightly year-on-year by 140 from 3,454.

Most vans (1,773) were stolen from the street, with 101 being taken from driveways, 1028 stolen from unknown locations and 412 vans taken from other locations including offices, car parks, garages and hospitals. Van thefts were highest in November 2021 (354 vans) – 78 higher than the monthly average of 276 – and lowest in July 2022 when 202 vans were stolen.

Malkit Sihra, Van Product Manager at Direct Line business insurance said: “Vans are essential for many businesses across London and the rest of the country. Disruption is stressful, and we know that tradespeople lose, on average, an estimated £1,427 each working week from lost business when their van is stolen, damaged or written off. It is important that those who rely on their vans for business remove any expensive tools and equipment when parking overnight. Our small courtesy van as standard offering also helps provide peace of mind and keeps van customers on the road if their van is stolen.”

Direct Line business insurance provides a small courtesy van as standard to support customers if their van is stolen, damaged, or written off. This is provided until their van is ready for the road again, if repairs are undertaken by one of Direct Line’s approved repairers. Customers who use their own repairer, or whose van is stolen or written off, will be given a small courtesy van for up to 21 days in a row.

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