US Market: Lemonade Car Launches in Texas

Lemonade has announced the launch of Lemonade Car in Texas, making it the latest state to offer the company’s telematics-enabled car insurance and also the full suite of Lemonade insurance products. Texas is a fast growing State in the USA, where many people have chosen to leave California, NYC and other parts of the US for a more affordable and less woke life. There is also a high per capita rate of car and truck ownership, which makes it interesting for insurance brands.

“Texas presents an incredible opportunity for us not only because of its sheer market size, but also because it’s the latest state to feature every one of Lemonade’s products, continuing our strategy of growing with our customers,” said Shai Wininger, co-CEO and cofounder, Lemonade. “We’ve seen more than 50% increase in bundled customers in markets where we offer Lemonade Car, and we can’t wait to give the tens of thousands of customers on our Texas waiting list a chance to see why people love Lemonade Car so much.”

As the second largest state for the number of licensed drivers, Texas is no stranger to the needs and challenges car owners face, including rising gas prices, traffic congestion, and emergency weather conditions. Lemonade Car brings a fresh, telematics-first approach to car insurance to the Lone Star State, with more than 90% of current customers opted-in to telematics via the Lemonade app. This gives drivers a new option for car insurance with built-in safety features, including 24/7 on-site roadside assistance and real-time crash detection, and discounts for drivers making environment-friendly choices, such as low-mileage driving and owning a hybrid or electric vehicle.

With Lemonade, drivers across Texas can access its top-rated insurance, including:

  • Telematics-enabled insurance: the use of telematics to measure how much and how safe people drive, as well as provide 24/7 on-site roadside assistance, real time crash detection, and dispatch of emergency services.

  • Quick support when needed: first-of-its-kind claims process allows users to file claims in minutes, and when needed, get tow services, emergency EV battery recharge, and the ability to track repairs, body shop work, and more.

  • Discounts for bundling: new and existing customers in Texas can receive discounts when bundling with other Lemonade products – Renters, Homeowners, Pet and Life – to save up to hundreds of dollars a year.

  • Benefits for environment-conscious drivers: better rates and coverage for electric vehicles and hybrid cars, rewards for low-mileage drivers with lower insurance rates, and Lemonade funded reforestation to help clean up after customers’ carbon emissions, over time.

Lemonade also created a guide for drivers to help navigate the nuances of car insurance in the state of Texas. Whether it’s a breakdown of what’s required and extra coverage that might be good to have, drivers can find it all in Lemonade’s Texas car insurance guide.

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