Over 3,100 Smartphones/Mobiles a Month Are Nicked in London

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loveit coverit looked into data collected in London as they are committed to helping customers avoid and recover from potential phone thefts. loveit coverit wanted to understand the level of risk in each of London’s major boroughs and by using data gathered from the Met Police, they were able to highlight the riskiest regions to ensure all phone users can stay safe and vigilant whilst out in the city. 

Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more common for incidents like this to happen. The information collected this year has shown an uptick in mobile phone thefts in 2022, an average of 3,167 mobile phone thefts a month, compared to the 2,127 mobile phone thefts reported a month in 2021. 


Interestingly, Westminster had the most cases, with 10,827 phones stolen, which could be related to large tourist attractions such as Big Ben being in proximity. The most dangerous places in London, where the most thefts happened, are Westminster, Camden (3,548 thefts), Islington (2,217 thefts), and Hackney (2,343 thefts). In comparison, the safest was Bexley with 63 reports and Merton with 89 reports. When calculating the number of phones stolen compared to the footfall, loveit coverit found there was a 3.9% chance of having your phone stolen in Westminster, 1.3% in Camden, 0.89% in Islington, and 0.83% in Hackney.

With London being so busy there have been an increased amount of thefts reported, with an average of 4,018 people reporting their phones stolen in November 2022 compared to an average of 3,487 in November 2021. Unsurprisingly there was a climb in phones being stolen in comparison to the rest of the year in both October 2021 and October 2022. 

After looking at this information, loveit coverit is looking to help keep consumers informed about how people can protect themselves if they find themself in this predicament. If theft is covered in their insurance plan, the selected insurer will be able to help put the missing phone in lost mode and find a replacement phone. 

Speaking about the research, loveit coverit Brand Manager, Jonathan Owen, notes: 

“At loveit coverit, we want to help protect the things people love, including your smartphone or favourite gadget. We’ve seen a big rise in the number of mobile phones reported stolen this year, so it was fascinating to dive into the data for London and see the numbers.”

He continued, “We’re very interested in highlighting this data to the public, so consumers know how to be aware and careful when they’re out. loveit coverit believes in providing affordable insurance coverage that will be sure to ease any stress for people who are out frequently.”

Find more information on mobile phone insurance here: https://www.loveitcoverit.com/mobile-phone-insurance/ 

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