Govt Seeks Views on MoT Changes, Insurers Can Have Their Say

The Department for Transport has launched a public consultation on the future of MOTs in Great Britain. Views are being sought to update MOT testing for cars, motorbikes and vans to ensure roadworthiness checks continue to balance costs on motorists while ensuring road safety, keeping up with advances in vehicle technology, and tackling vehicle emissions. This is a great chance for the insurance sector to make their case for regular checking of all classes of vehicles as regards driver assistance tech, missed factory recalls, accessories which reduce driver vision or hazard perception etc.

The consultation launched by the UK government is seeking views on proposals to change the date at which the first MOT for new light vehicles is required from 3 to 4 years. The average MOT costs £40 and the move could save motorists across Great Britain around £100 million a year in MOT fees. But that takes no account of mileage, manufacturer recalls missed, lack of servicing etc.


The Dept of Transport states that “government analysis shows the change from 3 to 4 years for the first MOT should not impact road safety.”

They also make the point that first roadworthiness testing 4 years since the vehicle’s registration is already standard practice across many European countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The consultation also seeks views on the frequency of MOTs and how to improve monitoring of emissions to tackle pollution to bolster the environmental efficiency of vehicles. Emissions are nothing to do with safety of course, although they may be used to effectively ban older high emissions vehicles from urban roads, which might improve some accident scenarios.

Among the proposals, the consultation will consider whether electric vehicles’ batteries should be tested to improve the safety and reliability of EVs, if additional measures should be introduced to tackle excessively loud engines, and how the DVSA can continue to crack down against MOT and mileage fraud.

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