Faster Computing? Universal Quantum Is Making Progress

The word from the University of Sussex and Universal Quantum, who are speeding up processing of data, which has to be good news for insurers long term.

University of Sussex and Universal Quantum scientists have, for the first time, connected quantum microchips together, to make powerful quantum computers, demonstrating the growing reputation Mid Sussex has as a leading hub for science and tech.

Researchers, based in Haywards Heath, have shown for the first time that quantum bits (qubits) can directly transfer between quantum computer microchips, demonstrated with record-breaking speed and accuracy. This breakthrough resolves a major challenge in building quantum computers large and powerful enough to tackle complex problems that are of critical importance to society; from drug discovery to making fertilizer production more energy-efficient and solving important problems in nearly every industry, ranging from aeronautics to the financial sector.

This extraordinary breakthrough comes off the back of the Government’s Department of International Trade pledging to put its weight behind Mid Sussex’s planned new Science and Tech Park, deemed as essential to the country’s future economic growth.

The Council has allocated nearly 50ha for a science and tech site which will have the potential to deliver up to 4,500 jobs, 1.3million sq. ft of commercial floorspace and 80,000 sq. ft of ancillary support and amenity facilities, with between 40,000-50,000 people within cycling distance and 1,500 within walking distance.

With a world-leading reputation for delivering innovation and economic growth, the region’s science and tech experts are also pledging their support to this year’s Mid Sussex STEM challenge. Of this year’s challenge, Professor Winfried Hensinger, Director of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies said: “Students who work on the STEM Challenge today may well be building quantum computers in the not so distant future. And the region is aiming to become a new Quantum Silicon Valley based on the world leading expertise we have; the STEM challenge helps to enable such a Silicon Valley in our region.”

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