MIB Reveals Top London Hotspots For Uninsured Drivers

Most people working across motor insurance know that London, Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester and other cities are hotspots for uninsured drivers. In fact London is the worst area in the UK for this offence. This can mean that after a low speed collision the uninsured driver gives false details or simply drives away. But which postcodes within the Capital are the worst for uninsured drivers?

The MIB has answers.

Enfield, Barking and Dagenham and Havering have been named the worst three London boroughs for the issue. According to official crime stats Havering also suffers from lots of attempted theft or vehicle vandalism, reports the Romford Recorder. 

To crackdown on the issue, police access MIB’s Motor Insurance Database (MID) – a live record of all insured vehicles in the UK – to identify anyone who appears to be uninsured. If a driver disputes their insurance status, MIB will quickly liaise with insurers to confirm if the vehicle is insured. MIB and the police regularly work in partnership by going out on the roads on operations to identify uninsured drivers, with the most recent being on Blackfriars Bridge in London on Thursday 23 March. MIB is urging local motorists to drive insured or risk facing serious consequences. 

Paul Farley, Law Enforcement Manager at MIB, said:  

“As a former Police Officer, I’ve seen first-hand the devastation uninsured drivers cancause to communities across London. To help make roads safer for everyone, we’re working tirelessly with the police to get these dangerous illegal motorists off the road. Those who think they’re above the law and can drivewithout insurance can think again.”  

In addition to being more dangerous, uninsured drivers cost law-abiding motorists an average of £53 each in their insurance premiums each year​. Check out the top twenty London postcodes on the MIB pages here. 

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