From facebook to sales book – Postonline

From facebook to sales book – Postonline.

Social networking, broker focus

 This piece by Amy Ellis looks into the facebook/twitter/linkedin world of social networking and asks brokers if they reckon they can use it to make money. In short, the answer is no. But they’re definitely interested in it. Ironically, lawyers are actually way ahead of brokers on this one, developing networks on facebook which capture claims like wildfire… where you on that bus which stopped quickly and gave all 57 passengers whiplash???

UKRC puts rehabilitation on the general election agenda

Lynn Rouse’s story reports how the chair of the UK Rehabilitation Council has written a letter to all the main parties demanding that they declare whether rehab and return to work is on their general election agendas. UKRC has opted against partisanship but if single issue politics was my area, I’d follow the example of those business leaders who’ve sided with the Tories about national insurance – they’ve milked that PR cow dry.

comment;  ‘Fit for purpose’

This piece from Tony Urwin of Shaw Trust uses the introduction of GP ‘Fit notes’ as an excuse to talk about vocational rehab and how successful it’s been in Australia, the US and Canada. He says all the same things about why it’s never really taken off and then makes you read all the way until the end of his 1000 words to say why he thinks the fit notes could provide a spark. He says they will be a procedural problem for insurers and employers that they will be looking for someone to solve and that outcome-focused vocational rehab could be it.

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