Holiday Drone Photos & Video? Check Your Insurance and New 2018 Rules

It’s officially summer holidays now and one of the growing activities in the UK, and for those holidaying abroad, is getting some amazing photos and video using drones. The cost of buying a drone keeps falling and there are also commercial drones, used in the construction industry to assess damage to buldings after a fire or flood, or in agriculture to monito crops for example.

In the UK it’s illegal to fly a drone weighing more than 250g, without registering with the Civil Aviation Authority. There is also a 400 foot height limit that applies to most leisure use drones. Although there are people who break the rules on flying drones near airports, thankfully there were just 28 reports of near miss incidents involving drones last year.

Insurance Edge asked leading retailer Jessops for some tips and they recommended using website, plus always make sure your drone stays within sight of course. You also research whether it is legal, and safe, to fly in a specific area before you visit.

Jessops also told us that some more expensive drones have things like hazard detection sensors built-in, so the drone hovers about 15m away from a potential hazard. Pricier drones also feature better quality cameras, bigger batteries and longer flying times, so if you want to boost your bragging rights on Instagram or You Tube, then you’ll need to spend some serious cash.

With drones costing as little as £99 it’s tempting to see this as a cheap hobby, but an accident could land you – the drone user – with a compensation bill. So it’s wise to have insurance. Companies like Flock, which is partnered with Allianz, offer PAYG cover, plus tips on where nearby hazards or `no fly’ zones are located via their smartphone app.

There are some very useful tips, plus details on the latest 2018 laws and rules regarding flying drones in the UK, at the Park Insurance blog. Well worth a read.

Have fun, stay safe this summer.

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