Motorcycle Storage Containers Can Help Bikers Get Cheaper Insurance

New figures reported by Motorcycle News have revealed that the number of motorcycle thefts has spiked in recent years with over 45,000 motorcycles or mopeds stolen between 2015 and 2018 in London alone. Combine the rise in theft with the hike in insurance premiums and it means riders are taking a double hit.

Unfortunately, motorbikes are a real temptation to thieves operating after dark because unlike cars, there is no need to physically break into them for them to be stolen – reducing the potential of alarms being raised.

When it comes to insurance premiums, simple things such as where you park your vehicle at night can significantly reduce your costs, which is why  Cleveland Containers has looked into the best ways to keep your bike and money safe.

Keeping your motorbike in a garage

By keeping your motorbike in a garage, you’re likely to have the widest choice of premiums, meaning you might be able to find a more competitive quote, as a few providers will only be able to cover bikes that are kept in a garage overnight.

Be aware, though, that this is only true of a locked garage.

If your garage doesn’t lock, it might keep your bike away from the eyes of potential thieves, but it’ll do little to keep it more secure once it has been found by a thief, and this will be reflected in the price of your insurance quotes.

When you get a quote through an insurance comparison site, it is likely you will be asked whether your motorcycle is kept overnight at your home address, and if not you’ll be asked to enter the postcode of the place where it is kept.

How To Cut Your Insurance Premium – Use a Dedicated Motorbike Storage Unit

You can buy specialist motorbike storage units or sheds, built from metal or wood which can be ‘insurance approved.’ You can also purchase bespoke shipping containers that are a perfect fit for motorbikes or cars to be kept in. Storage containers were originally manufactured for transporting items across the world by land or by sea, so you can rest assured that they are durable, secure and a protective environment for any type of vehicle.

Parking On The Street? Then Choose a Well-Lit Area and Use a Bike Cover

Sometimes you will have no other choice than to leave your bike parked on the street. To try and limit the temptation as much as possible for thieves, make sure the bike is parked where it is visible from your home, in a well lit area.

Motorbike covers are also a great way to hide a bike away from prying eyes and it will help to keep it damage and rust free at the same time. Thieves are less likely to attempt to steal a bike when they have to uncover it in a well-lit area, as they are much more likely to get caught.

You can also try fitting a strong padlock around the wheel of your bike, which prevents the wheels from rolling. Using these methods alongside fitting a GPS tracker and immobiliser will all go a long way in deterring thieves, and your insurance renewal will often ask whether your bike has been modified to include these extras, which may work in your favour when it comes to reducing your insurance premiums each and every year.

Insurance Edge Comment:

These are all good tips and we would add the following;

Don’t post photos of your number plate online – it can encourage thieves to try and track the DVLA address from the reg number.

Avoid owning bikes that are raced, like 600cc/1000cc sportbikes, because these can make useful donor bikes for those who want to repair a crashed racing machine.

Two basic CCTV cameras cost about £60-£90 from eBay. These can be a useful deterrent.


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