Audi A1 is UK’s Most Reliable Car, Says Repair Brand Survey

Can it really be true? It seems the Audi A1 is the most reliable car on UK roads, well, that’s according to the WhoCanFixMyCar website. By comparing repair figures to official car registration statistics from the Department of Transport, the Audi A1 can be named the most reliable car on the road out of the UK’s 50 most popular cars.  

There are over 170,000 registered Audi A1’s on UK roads and only 107 needed a repair through the service between September 2017 – September 2018 which means that for a lucky Audi A1 owner, there is a comforting 1 in 1,610 chance of needing a repair in the next year. 

Other stand out reliable models are the Citroen C models, with the C4, C3 and C1 all making it in to the top 10.  

Other cars which feature in the top 10 are as follows: 

2. Renault Clio, 1 in 1,249 chance  

3. Nissan Note, 1 in 1,055 

4. Seat Leon, 1 in 864 

5. Hyundai i10, 1 in 292 

6. Renault Megane, 1 in 155 

7. Citroen C4, 1 in 153 

8. Citroen C3, 1 in 148 

9. Citroen C1, 1 in 140 

10. Vauxhall Zafira, 1 in 125 (Really? Didn’t the Zafira have a tendency to catch fire, prompting another factory recall recently? – Baffled Ed)

You can access’s full and interactive top 50 list to see where your car is placed and the likelihood of needing a repair here:

Of course servicing and repairs is just one part of car ownership. Another big cost is VED tax and insurance. Here, you can score a moneysaving win with models like the Citroen C1 with the smallest one litre engine, or the Hyundai i10 city car, which is rated Group 1, or the lowest group on the market. With a small engine it’s also low on VED duty, with the 1.0 SE model costing just £20 a year to tax.

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